PNW Portland Wrestling – The Untold Story – Wrestling Territories Documentary

PNW Portland Wrestling – The Untold Story – Wrestling Territories Documentary

Pacific Northwest Wrestling (PNW) (also known as Big Time Wrestling and Portland Wrestling) are the common names used to refer to several different professional wrestling companies, both past and present, based in Portland, Oregon.

The first company – that would later become Portland Wrestling was founded by Herb Owen in 1925.

It was the Northwest territory[2] of the National Wrestling Alliance from the Alliance’s inception in 1948 until 1992.

The area was brought to its prime by Herb’s son, Don Owen, and this version of Pacific Northwest Wrestling saw many of the top names in the business come through on a regular basis. The Pacific Northwest was considered one of the main pro wrestling territories from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Portland Wrestling was forced to close its doors in July 1992. The closure came as a result of a slowdown in the wrestling business during the early 1990s, a declaration of bankruptcy by Portland Wrestling’s main television sponsor, and negative fallout from a shift in regulatory emphasis by the Oregon Athletic Commission.

The telecasts, which originated on Portland station KPTV, ended in December 1991 and were replaced on KPTV by syndicated WWFprogramming

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