NWF National Wrestling Federation – The Untold Story – Wrestling Territories Documentary

NWF National Wrestling Federation – The Untold Story – Wrestling Territories Documentary

The original National Wrestling Federation was a wrestling promotion based in Buffalo, New York and owned by promoter Pedro Martinez. It ran from 1970-1974. The promotion was then revived in 1986 by Robert Raskin. The revived promotion closed in 1994.

Pedro Martínez owned the original National Wrestling Federation, which operated from 1970 to 1974.

The NWF (National Wrestling Federation) Heavyweight Championship was created by Pedro Martinez and co founded by jonny powers for the NWF promotion in New York in 1970. against the NWA, but it recognized the world champion.

The title was mainly defended in the New York/Eastern Canada area, until then-champion Johnny Powers took the belt with him on a tour of Japan with Tokyo Pro Wrestling.

Powers would eventually lose the title to Antonio Inoki, who would take the belt with him when he founded New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
Some of the talent appearing on NWF shows from 1970-74 include, “Johnny Powers, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Bobo Brazil, Ernie Ladd, Abdullah The Butcher, Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch, Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniels, Tiger Jeet Singh, Haystacks Calhoun, The Rougeau’s, “Crazy” Luke Graham, Stan Stasiak and Dominic DeNucci.

The NWF North American Heavyweight Championship was a secondary singles title in the American professional wrestling promotion, the National Wrestling Federation. The title started in 1968 as a National Wrestling Alliance title, named the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship(Buffalo/Cleveland version) until the NWF was founded in 1970. It was then renamed with the NWF name. The NWF would close in 1974, and the title migrated to New Japan Pro Wrestling. The title was then abandoned in 1981.

As mentioned, Johnny Powers co-founded the National Wrestling Federation. He was the NWF World Heavyweight
Champion and was the star of “Championship Wrestling with Johnny Powers”.
He was the only wrestler then and since to have a television show named after him other then hulk hogans rock n wrestling. He was NWF North American Champion seven times and NWF world champion three times.

In an interesting side note, Powers wrestled Bruno Sammartino on six different occasions for the WWWF title in the mid 60’s. He also wrestled NWA Champions Lou Thesz and Gene Kiniski, and AWA Champ Verne Gagne.

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